Home Sweet
Missile Silo


The World's Only Missile Silo Luxury Home with Runway is Now for Sale

We took the end result of $18 million in government wasted spending (1958 dollars) and turned it into a rare and unique private airport getaway . . . one that will also serve as a survival shelter in the event of nuclear or germ warfare. Enjoy the privacy of an exclusive, luxurious mountain home which includes many acres of the most beautiful land New York State has to offer. The complex, accessible via it's own private paved airstrip, offers the optimum level of security available today.

Lakes in the Surrounding Area

Missle Silo Rendering

The missile silo home is located in the Adirondack Airpark Estate in NY's Adirondack State Park. The home is conveniently located to Montreal, Lake Placid and Plattsburgh and boast such outstanding year round activities as golfing, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and world class skiing.

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